• Chocolate Banana

    Our deep chocolate buttercream frosting on top of golden banana cake.
  • Banana's Foster

    Madagascan bourbon vanilla cake with a generous swirl of rich banana brown sugar buttercream, and caramel drizzle.
  • Chocolate Coconut

    Deep chocolate cake, fluffy coconut cream cheese frosting, fresh coconut shavings, and toasted coconut.

  • Chocolate Covered Strawberry

    Romantic vanilla-strawberry cake frosted with smooth chocolate buttercream and a dollop of strawberry preserves.

  • Chocolate Hazelnut

    Sophisticated blend of chocolate hazelnut spread and vanilla butter cream crowns our classic chocolate cake, all finished with a subtle drizzle of chocolate sauce.

  • Chocolate Marshmallow

    Chocolate cake filled with marshmallow and topped with fluffy marshmallow buttercream.

  • Chocolate Peppermint Bark

    Decadent chocolate cake baked with peppermint candy crunches, light mint butter cream and more peppermint candy crunches.

  • Peanut Butter
    & Jelly

    The perfect combination of our vanilla cake filled with strawberry jam, topped with smooth peanut buttercream and a dollop of strawberry jam.

  • Strawberry

    Golden banana cake with creamy strawberry buttercream

  • White Chocolate Raspberry

    Chocolate chip cake, cool mint buttercream and the classic chocolate mint thin candy.

  • Bubblegum


    Classic Vanilla cake with not too sweet bubblegum flavored buttercream.

  • Blueberry

    Blueberry puree infused Vanilla cake with blueberry preserve swirled buttercream.