FRESH BAKERY's cupcakes are truly like mini personal treasures. Treat yourself or place an order for friends or for the office. Our unique square design puts a contemporary twist on a traditional classic.

  • Baton Rogue Red Velvet

    Our ultra moist design on the Southern Classic. Made with a rich and smooth scarlet red velvet cake and topped with our melt-in-your-mouth cream cheese frosting.

  • Nantucket Vanilla on Vanilla

    Not so “plain” Madagascan bourbon vanilla cake with the smoothest vanilla buttercream frosting.

  • Charleston Chocolate on Vanilla

    A Fresh Bakery favorite. Madagascan bourbon vanilla cake layered and topped with bitttersweet chocolate buttercream. A classic confection.

  • The Outer Banks Chocolate

    Deep Dutch Cocoa Chocolate cake infused with semi sweet chocolate, topped with a “chocoholics” sweet dream of our bittersweet chocolate frosting.

  • Bal Harbor Vanilla on Chocolate

    A sophisticated “black and white” cupcake. Rich chocolate cake resting under a swirl of super smooth Madagascan bourbon vanilla frosting.

  • Martha's Vineyard Strawberry

    A market fresh treat all year round. Madagascan bourbon vanilla cake layered & topped with bittersweet strawberry buttercream serves as a pedestal for our creamy strawberry frosting.

  • Great Lakes Lemon (Sunday)

    A sweet and tart lemon cake under lemon cream cheese frosting with a classic lemon drop as a topper.

  • Cape Cod Carrot Cake (Monday)

    Supremely moist carrot cake loaded with shredded carrots, crushed pineapple, and chopped walnuts topped with our buttery cream cheese frosting.

  • The Hampton's Chocolate Mocha (Tuesday)

    Our signature chocolate cake crowned with decadent mocha cream frosting and finished with a chocolate covered espresso bean.

  • Aspen Mint Chocolate Chip (Wednesday)

    Our signature rich and delicious chocolate cake under a cool mint frosting topped with a chocolate mint.

  • Savannah Pineapple Upside Down (Thursday)

    A FRESH take on the southern classic, a buttery pineapple cake topped with caramelized brown sugar, pineapple and finished with a cherry.

  • Palm Beach Coconut (Friday)

    A moist coconut cake with an avalanche of coconut cream cheese frosting sprinkled with buttery toasted coconut flakes.